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Chapter 1

A Red Ocean

'I remember seeing a lot of blood … Linebeck and Ciela were screaming my name too. I remember being in total shock … I remember Linebeck diving into the water, even though he couldn't swim, he somehow made it to me and pulled me back aboard. That was when I looked over at my arm … but it wasn't there …'

Link looked out into the ocean. It was a beautiful sunny day, Linebeck was below deck and they were searching for some treasure. Link looked over the railing of the ship and tried looking for some treasure, but he didn't see anything. That was when the small ship hit a bump and Link fell overboard!

Link swam back to the top of the water, and looked over at the ship. Linebeck and Ciela were looking out over the railing trying to find Link. Link waved his hand at them, and they spotted him. "Boy, what are you doing? Come on, get back here!" Linebeck yelled back. Link nodded and started swimming back towards the boat. That was when he stopped and looked around, something felt wrong …

He felt a nudge at his arm, and looked down to see an enemy biting it. Link was screaming in horror, when it finally let go! Link's motionless body lay there in the ocean, blood pouring out of the gash in his arm. His eyes were opened slightly and he saw Linebeck jump overboard. "Y-you … can't swim … you idiot …" Link mumbled before passing out.

Linebeck, even though he didn't know how to swim, kept swimming towards Link. He grabbed Link's motionless body and pulled him back to the boat. Back on the shore, Linebeck was breathing deeply, looking over at Link, and saw his arm missing! "Oh my goddesses!" He said. Linebeck took off his jacket and wrapped it around Link's shoulder. The blood covered the deck, and Linebeck's jacket.

Linebeck looked down at Link, who was motionless. Both him and Ciela were teary eyed. Ciela rested herself on Link's chest, and heard his heartbeat. Linebeck pushed down on Link's wound trying to make the bleeding stop, but it wasn't working. He broke into tears and so did Ciela. "Please Goddesses; don't take Link away from me! My world just got perfect when I met him!" Linebeck cried. "Linebeck, we need to get him to the nearest island! Now!" Ciela replied. Link nodded, he brought Link below deck and set him down on a bed. Linebeck ran over to the steering wheel, and set a course for Mercay Island.

They pulled into port and Ciela showed Linebeck the way to Oshus's house. They made it there and Oshus turned to them. "Ciela? Why are you here?" Oshus asked. "It's Link! He was attacked by Gyorg! His arm was bitten off!" Ciela explained. "Old man, do something please!" Linebeck said worriedly. Oshus nodded. He had Linebeck and Ciela bring Link into a room. Linebeck and Ciela waited outside of the room. Hours passed, and they were allowed to go back in. Link was all bandaged up. His shoulder was, his upper chest was too. Ciela left Linebeck alone with Link to go talk to Oshus about his condition. Linebeck sat down next to Link and pat his head. "What on earth were you thinking boy? You know you can't go swimming out there. It's too dangerous!" Linebeck warned. Link opened his eyes. "I … fell …" Link replied. Linebeck looked at Link who was smiling faintly. "You saved me, Linebeck. You're no coward … and … you learned how to swim too …" Link said taking Linebeck's hand in his. Linebeck wiped the tears out of his eyes and turned away. "I'm still a coward … I was scared and thought you were going to die …" Linebeck replied. Link tried sitting up, but Linebeck told him to lie back down. "Boy, you need your rest. Don't push yourself, especially since you …. Just lost your arm." Linebeck said. Link looked over at his arm, or what was left anyways. His shoulder was all stitched up.  Linebeck reached down and hugged Link. "I'm sorry I couldn't have helped you sooner. I know it probably hurts a lot."

Link, who was hugging Linebeck, was getting teary eyed. "Linebeck, you didn't do anything." Link replied. "Exactly, I didn't DO anything." Linebeck replied. Link looked over sadly. "It was the Gyorg, it bit me, and it took my arm. You didn't do anything." Link said to Linebeck. Link looked into his friends eyes. "Please stop blaming yourself. Please?" Link asked. At that point their lips met and formed a kiss. Link DID realize however, that losing his left arm could be a big problem for him …
"And so, this is how the story of the "Left Handed Hero" ended."
He doesn't die in this story, but it's the end of his nickname, left handed hero. :'(
please enjoy this story, it took a lot of planning out to write it :P
Got this idea from watching the movie Soul Surfer. Such a sad movie, but I reccomend it to everyone :)
Chapter 2: [link]
Linebeck, Oshus, Ciela, and Link (c) Nintendo
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EBN64 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
So sad...:'(
ribby2000 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
Thanks! You can find the new, edited version on my new account :iconminish-mae: If you wanna see it c:
Staremprezz Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Student General Artist
Look on the bright side, your triforce of courage is on your right arm... Right?
ribby2000 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011
Why yes, yes it is
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